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nothing to brag about

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump claims that he only sleeps between ninety minutes to four hours each night… I wouldn’t brag, Mr. Trump.  In fact, if I was your advisor, I’d say: sleep, Donald, sleep—if you want to attract swing … Continue reading

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Another Major Minor

  Here’s another dream that at first seemed minor… …but now seems major (see April 15 entry): I’ve just stacked a neat row of firewood alongside a road. A man in a flat-bed truck pulls up and asks me if … Continue reading

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Asleep at the Wheel

¬† This¬†frightening statement comes from the book Counting Sheep by Paul Martin: “When the next big crisis erupts on the world stage, remember this… “The politicians and officials who will be handling that crisis will be getting little sleep, perhaps … Continue reading

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