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Don’t Dog My Dreams

  I first heard this idea from an animal behavorist a few years ago… It sounds logical—until you think about it… According to this idea… Dreams can not be messages from our subconscious because we now know that most mammals … Continue reading

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The Sound of Dreams

  Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” blasts a “south-of-the border” horn section at us.  So enjoyable. Cash said he first heard those horns in a dream. However, it’s not typical to hear sound in your dreams. After collecting 1,000 dreams … Continue reading

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Six-toed Cats and Cod Tongues in Brandy

  “Raphe system”… “reticular formation”… and “epiphenomenon reflecting archaic activation of motor neurons”. I usually don’t wallow in scientific books that use such terms. However, I picked up The Paradox of Sleep because there just aren’t that many books on … Continue reading

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