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My Dilemma Is Ours

  “I’m part of them…yet apart from them…” When I’m writing down a dream, I’m often find myself using this description… In so many of my dream scenarios, I’m part of a group, a crowd, and yet, I feel separate … Continue reading

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Keeping an Eye on Myself

  “B” was born to be a cop.  That’s how I came to see him, during the time I worked with B. As for myself, I was born to be…well, certainly not a cop. However, if B is in my … Continue reading

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A Sociable Social Alien

  Again, I’m an alien. No, not that kind of alien.  A social alien. In the dream… I’m working at a large company where everyone knows everyone else—that is, except for me. I’m don’t know a soul here. I use … Continue reading

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