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another point of view

Dreams are a mirror… …and often the reflection is not so flattering. However, on occasion, I like what I see. Consider this recent dream… I look at myself in a big mirror from about three feet away.  To my surprise, … Continue reading

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taking the long view

  Years ago, a dream prompted me to shift my perspective… …to see my country in a new way. In the dream… I see the United States, as if I’m looking at a globe, close-up. My point-of-view moves down the … Continue reading

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I’ll Take All the Perspective I Can Get

  “An emotion in a dream never symbolizes anything.  It is always an authentic response to something in the dreamer’s life.”                                           —  Walter Bonhime, psychoanalyst I couldn’t agree more. Whenever I’m confused by a dream, by the symbols in … Continue reading

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