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nothing to brag about, really

Researchers tell us sleep deprivation can negatively effect concentration, creativity, short and long-term memory, problem-solving skills, and judgment. But despite these well-established facts, NFL coaches brag about how little they sleep… Bill Belichick claims he never sleeps during the season. … Continue reading

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Sleeping with Pavlov

  If sleep learning actually worked… …I’d be a walking encyclopedia. I often fall asleep while listening to recorded lectures on such subjects as “Ancient Greek Philosophers”… The recordings help ease me into sleep; unfortunately, I don’t retain the information. … Continue reading

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Six-toed Cats and Cod Tongues in Brandy

  “Raphe system”… “reticular formation”… and “epiphenomenon reflecting archaic activation of motor neurons”. I usually don’t wallow in scientific books that use such terms. However, I picked up The Paradox of Sleep because there just aren’t that many books on … Continue reading

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