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Dreaming Mary Shelley’s Dream

  This Halloween, many of us will be wearing Mary Shelley’s dream… …and many will be watching Mary Shelley’s dream—or at least, some version of it… …and we’ll also be referencing her dream as we talk about a “Frankenstorm” hitting … Continue reading

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Collaging the Unconscious

  I’ve found that there are many ways to have waking dreams… …that is, to get to the contents of the unconscious. A few years ago, following an exercise in a book, I made a collage, using pictures cut from … Continue reading

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This May Be a Synchronistic Event

  I’ve experienced many moments of synchronicity… These events have sometimes left me stunned, or left me laughing, or left me stunned and laughing. Some might claim that I actually manufacture these instances of synchronicity by finding meaning in coincidence. … Continue reading

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