a lot from a little

Last Saturday, while watching two men on motor scooters zip down the street…

…I suddenly remembered hearing someone say, “A moped?  Do they even make mopeds now?”

When and where had I heard that question?

After some mental searching, I realized: the night before, in a dream.  In fact, I think was the speaker.

Unfortunately, I recalled nothing else about the dream—not even the setting.

However, I’ve learned I can sometimes get a lot from a little.  So I began asking myself questions…

What is a moped?  Well, it’s like a bicycle but with a small motor.  So you usually don’t need to push the pedals.

Not as fast as those scooters I saw.  Not as exciting as a motorcycle…

However, the moped has this advantage: you can relax as you ease on down the road.

So maybe I’m entering a “moped phase” in my life.  Maybe that’s the message…

No, I won’t be roaring through the world at breakneck speed…

…but at least, I won’t need to push so hard.  For awhile anyway.

In the dream, I’m surprised.  Maybe I believe “easier” belongs to another time.  Perhaps the dream contains a warning: I may struggle to accept the transition.

Once again, I’ve gleaned a lot from a little.  Just think: this information might have been lost if not for those two guys on their scooters.

© 2019, Michael R. Patton
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stopping myself before I start

A recent dream shows a simple way out of conflict.

In the dream…

Two men prepare to fight in the middle of a large dark room.

They face one another in wrestling stances.  A crowd of men surrounds them, eager to see the match.

I’ve got to stop this nonsense!  I stride to the center of the room and raise my arm to pull the string of the overhead light.

The light comes on.  Just like that, the fight stops.  Or rather, it ends before it begins.  The conflict is resolved.

If everything in a dream represents some aspect of myself, then both fighters are me.  I’m fighting myself.  That’s old news—I’m well aware of my inner struggles.

Those spectators are also a part of me.  I know how stirred up I can get when I’m embroiled in conflict within.  According to the dream, some part of me likes that rush.

Fortunately, another part is sickened by the sight of such conflict.  And that part has the power to rule the room.

The dream tells me: when I feel conflict starting to growl, I need to go into my inner room and shed a little light on the situation.  It’s actually easy to stop the fight—if I can act before it commences.  The key is: awareness.

I’ve read that dreams usually show problems, but never give answers.  The answer must be discovered by the conscious mind.

I think that’s true most of the time.  But this dream not only shows the problem, but also provides the answer.

“For every rule there’s an exception to that rule.”  In my experience, a good thought to remember when working with dreams.

© 2019, Michael R. Patton
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down the creek

Even those who believe dreams are meaningless nonsense must admit…

…a dream can sometimes be such fun.

In a recent dream…

I’m following a trail through a wooded city park.

On the bank of a creek, I find a section of board about a foot wide and a couple of feet long.

Just for fun, I put the board into the water to see if it’ll hold me.  And to my surprise, the wood supports my weight.  I began to float down the creek.  I’m now headed in the direction from which I came.

I can see the skyscrapers of the city in the distance above the trees.  But my vision is a little hazy.  If the creek has a sudden drop-off ahead, I might not see it in time.

Nevertheless, I feel fairly safe and keep going with the slow current.

But eventually, I realize I must make a choice.  Should I continue down the creek or return to the trail?

While walking the trail, I had a destination.  As I float, I’m getting farther and farther away from that destination.

So, I decide to return before I go too far.

A positive dream overall.  Yes, I’m concerned about the haziness in my eyes…

However, my vision has been even worse in past dreams.  Sometimes, I’m driving at night and can barely see.  Or my car windows have fogged up.

So this dream actually shows an improvement.

I encouraged by other aspects of the dream as well…

For one thing, I’m willing to experiment.  Also: I maintain my balance and “go with the flow”…

I allow myself a little fun—a break…

Then, when making my decision, I listen to my heart.  I don’t know exactly where I’m headed on that path, I only know there’s a deep desire to get there.

Okay, that’s all well and fine…but I don’t see how this dream relates to my present or my future.  So I’m a little frustrated—I want to apply this message to my waking life.

Maybe the answer will come to me eventually…if not in a day or two, or a week or two, then in a month or two…or even year or two.

In the meantime, I will enjoy the memory of floating down that creek.

© 2019, Michael R. Patton
the truth of the dream: poetry ebook

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