meeting the flower

magnolia open 2 bb - July 1, 2016d

Today, while looking at my magnolia tree, I suddenly remembered a dream of a white flower…

In that recent dream…

I’m at a party in a pleasant upstairs apartment.

While thinking of someone I’m supposed to meet, I look out a window and see a flower on a tree.  It resembles a magnolia flower…

But unlike the typical magnolia blossom, it has thin pink veins running vertically up the white petals.  Though I can see directly into the cupped flower, its depths are slightly in shadow.

Thinking of that dream image, I recalled how I once picked three magnolia flowers for my mother when I was young…

To my surprise and disappointment, they wilted within the day.  Vibrant and strong on the tree, those flowers don’t last long once plucked.

The dream tells me: appreciate the flower—its beauty, its depth.  Drink from its cup, if you wish.  But be wise before you pick…

Otherwise, you may destroy that which you wish to possess.

© 2016, Michael R. Patton
finding Beauty: the book

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another road to the unconscious

gray leaves 323 gb - June 12, 2016d

Freud called dreams “the royal road to the unconscious”.  But there are other roads worth a drive…

I realized one of those roads again, while rewriting this stanza of a poem:

“then, in exhaustion
 I sank down
 to rest on a stump
 by a dry brook…”

The last line brought to mind a dream from earlier this year.  In the dream…

…I’m at a square plot of land, about an acre in size and filled with trees and dead Winter leaves.

A dry stream cuts diagonally through the plot.

I’m cutting the leaves into little bits with a lawnmower.

Though the scene felt bleak, I didn’t see the dream as negative…

New life comes from death.  The dead leaves will eventually break down to fertilize the ground.  By cutting the leaves into small pieces, I’m helping to speed the process.  I working with nature, not against.

The stream is dry due to the season.  Spring rains will come soon enough.

The poem also contains a dry stream.   However, I had my doubts about the “dry brook” line and nearly cut it.  It was saved when I remembered the dream.

Dreams don’t lie.  So the line must be true.

Both dreams and poems are roads to the unconscious.  But poems can become tainted by conscious thought, because we create them while awake.  Even so, it’s still a good road—as is any other art form…

Nonetheless, I believe dreams are the purest road.  The royal road.

Complete text of the poem, including audio.

© 2016, Michael R. Patton

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rich in symbolism

numbers question bb - May 20, 2016d

A recent Powerball winner seems to contradict what I’ve so often said about dreams…

According to Pearlie Mae Smith of New Jersey, the winning numbers for the May 7th Powerball jackpot came to her in a dream.

Nonetheless, I still say dreams should not be taken literally…

…99.9% of the time*.  I speak from experience.  Years ago, I based a decision on a literal interpretation and paid mightily for my mistake.

By looking at the dream incorrectly, I also lost its real message—a message that might have benefited me in significant ways.

That said, if I saw a sequence of six numbers in a dream, I’d probably go ahead and buy a ticket.  After all, it’s a cheap purchase.  It’s not as if I’m flying to Vegas.

But even if I did win, I’d still consider the symbolic significance of those numbers.

(* My figure of 99.9% is a rough guess.  The percent of literal-message dreams could be even less.)

© 2016, Michael R. Patton
sky rope poetry blog

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a rose not so sweet is still a rose

bee rose bbbb - April 24, 2016s

As sometimes happens, the message of one dream seems to contradict the message of another …

In a recent dream…

I’m looking for a special item in a large ultra-modern mall.  A place of few stores and few people.

The main room is spacious, with an extremely high ceiling.

I peek into a restaurant that’s open at two ends to a wide ocean bay.  Then I pass by a coffee store.

I know I can’t find what I want in this building, so I don’t care to linger.

In a dream from last month, I was also searching for a part for a creative project (see previous entry)…

But in that dream, I showed patience.  In this latest dream, I’m anxious to hurry on.

Having worked for years to develop my patience, I welcomed the positive message of the first dream.  Yes, I’d made progress!

Or had I?  After the second dream, I wasn’t so sure…

The messages seemed to be in opposition…until I realized that the two situations weren’t quite the same.

Yes, I’m being patience in the first dream—but with good reason.  Intuitively, I know I can find what I want where I am.

In the second dream, I know I can’t find what I want in that mall.  So why not keep going?

At this point, I’m reminded of what a wise man (or woman) once said: take time to stop and smell the roses.

Okay, but that vacant, ultra-modern mall doesn’t really intrigue me.  Yes, the building has the high-vaulted spaciousness of a cathedral.  But it lacks a strong sense of spirituality.

On the other hand, the emptiness does create a feeling of mystery.

And then there’s that restaurant.  I could sit down at the water’s edge, enjoy a cup of coffee, and reflect.

I guess stopping to smell the roses also means stopping when and where the roses aren’t so sweet.  They may not smell so sweet, but they’re still roses.

In the dream, I’m frustrated because I can’t find what I want.  But experience has taught me: if I don’t stop, if I keep going from place to place, searching, searching, I’ll only increase my frustration.

It was a hard lesson.  Trouble is, I still occasionally forget.  Fortunately, I have this dream to remind me.

© 2016, Michael R. Patton
sky rope poetry

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patient quest

crank wheel bbb - March 26, 2016d

A junkyard dream says I’m on a quest…

In the dream…

I’m at a place of ramshackle buildings in the country…

…a place filled with all sorts of odds and ends.

I’m working on a group project.  We’re building something and looking for a certain part to complete it.  We’ve searched through all the old junk lying around, but can’t locate the part.

So I set off down a creek bed to see what I might find.  I don’t know where the creek leads.  The bed is mostly dry, except for random pools of water.

I walk until a fallen tree blocks my path.  I see a dilapidated farmhouse beyond the tree, on the bank to my right.

I know, intuitively, that a family lives there.  I also sense they can provide what I need.  But they’re quite reclusive.  I must take great care if I’m to gain their trust.  I will be patient.

“Patience” is something I’ve worked on for years.  So I see my willingness to wait as very positive.  And there’s more good news…

I’ve left the familiar and entered the unknown.  I’m showing initiative.  Yes, I’m using a old channel, but when we’re lost aren’t we advised to follow a river or a creek?

True, no water flows through the creek bed.  But there’s several pools left and the sides of the bank are damp.  The forest is in full leaf.  There’s a richness of feeling here.  A sense of fecundity…

Yes, there’s decay—those buildings aren’t in good shape.  But what a lively atmosphere at that ramshackle complex.  In my experience, creativity isn’t a neat and tidy business.

Nonetheless, I’ll admit there’s a problem…

If that junkyard complex was a bit more organized, maybe I could locate what’s needed…

Or at least, I wouldn’t spend so much time trying to find something that’s not there.

So, how exactly does this dream relate to my waking life?  I’m not sure.  I have various projects and plans in various states of progress.  Maybe the dream refers to one of them…

…or maybe none of them.  I’m still pondering the question…

In any case, I can I take action on the negative part of the message: I can become a bit more organized.

© 2016, Michael R. Patton
sky rope poetry: the blog

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facing the face

mask face - February 15, 2016d

Two recent dreams say I’m hiding…

In the first dream…

I’m watching a rock singer as he performs onstage…

His face is hidden by his long hair, a beard, and dark glasses.

So who’s the singer?  As with most of my dream characters, he’s an aspect of myself…

I knew that and yet, I had trouble “owning” this guy.  Was I really hiding?  After all, I share my most personal creations—my dreams—online.  Dreams expose our most secret secrets.

I believe, occasionally, a dream character may represent someone other than ourselves.  So, who in my life might the singer symbolize?  I began to think of possible candidates…

But I could not escape so easily.  Within a week, another dream repeated the same basic message, though in a different setting and using a different character.  In the dream…

Don Draper stands alone in a field.  Alone—though there are others, here and there, throughout the lot.

Don Draper was the main character in the TV series, Mad Men.  A man of mystery, of hidden identity.

After this second dream, intuition finally broke through and I accepted what I knew to be true: yep, the singer is me.

So then, what do I do with this information?

Though dreams present problems, they usually don’t give us the answers.  It’s up to me to solve this problem—that is, the waking me.  I’m still working on it.  Change will come—it’ll take time.  Much time.

Yes, the dream message disappoints me…

…but a little less on second thought.

Dream messages are usually not all negative or all positive…

The singer is putting himself out there—doing his utmost to express himself.  That’s definitely positive.

© 2016, Michael R. Patton
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dishing the cockroaches


kafkaesque - January 8,  2016d

Another good news-bad news dream…

In the dream…

I open the door to a dishwasher machine and find a litter of cockroaches inside.

I immediately grab a vacuum cleaner and suck them all up.

I then see a group of cartoon characters.  They bunch together, as if horrified.

So, according to this dream, I’ve taken care of a problem.  Quite effectively, in fact…

But maybe the cockroaches wouldn’t be there if I ran the dishwasher more often.  When the dirty dishes just sit inside and molder, they attract such pests.  I base that analysis on waking life experience.

But what do those dream dishes symbolize?  I’m reminded of the expression “I’ve got a lot on my plate.”  We all take in so much experience.  It’s digested, without requiring our conscious effort…

However, we must still wash the dishes.  “Washing dishes” represents dealing with my past experience on a conscious level.  Sooner or later, the work must be done.

The dream tells me: if I procrastinate on this chore, I’ll only create more problems for myself.

Okay…but why are those cartoon characters in my dream?

To be honest, I haven’t really considered them.  In any case, I’ve plenty to ponder for the time being.

© 2016, Michael R. Patton

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